Delivery Information

Standard delivery is FREE for orders totalling R450 or more. You can view all our delivery options here to find out how much it costs and how long each option takes.

We’ll deliver your order by the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your Payment Confirmation email.
You can also track your delivery at any time by selecting the Order from your Order History on your Takealot Account profile here.
This is the most current tracking information we have for your order. If this date changes, we’ll let you know straight away by email or SMS.

It’s not possible to change your delivery address after confirming your order, so please always double check that your address details are correct at checkout.
To change your delivery address permanently for future orders, you can update your Address Book under your Customer Information in your Account profile here.

Your order will arrive by the estimated delivery date provided in your payment confirmation email. We will send you an SMS prior to the date of delivery to let you know when to expect the courier.

If you will not be available on that date, you can reschedule your delivery if your order meets certain criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:

You can reschedule your delivery via our website or app if:

  • Your order has been shipped from our warehouse.

Your order is being delivered by the Takealot Delivery Team (as opposed to a third-party courier). Your Tracking Page displays which courier is delivering your order.

Rescheduling Your Delivery:

  1. Go to your Orders page.
  2. Select the order you would like to reschedule.
  3. If your delivery is eligible for rescheduling, a Reschedule Delivery button will be displayed on the Order Detail page.
  4. Choose a new delivery date from the available options and select Save Date.
  5. A confirmation message will be displayed to confirm that the rescheduling has been successful.

If your delivery is not eligible for rescheduling and you will not be available to receive the order, please complete this form.

If you select Standard delivery at checkout (FREE for orders totalling R450 or more), it’s not possible to select a specific day for your delivery.

Eligible orders will be offered the Guaranteed Same Day or Guaranteed Weekend delivery options at checkout, where a specific date will be given. You can view the costs of these delivery options here.

Your order will arrive by the estimated delivery date provided in your payment confirmation email and we will send you an SMS on the date of delivery so you know when to expect our Courier. At this point, if you won’t be available to receive your order on that day, you can contact us here.